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Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber

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product name: Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber
product number: LY-CY
Exhibitors: LIYI
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a brief introdction

External chamber of Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber​ ​:Arc design,nice shape,surface electrostatic spray Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber Inner chamber:SUS304 stainless steel plate

Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber  Detailed description

Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber

Product description:

Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber is mainly adopted for rubber products testing such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheathing products, intermittent static tensile dynamic tensile deformation, or deformation under dynamic stretching and static stretching alternating, confined to light with constant ozone concentration in the air and constant temperature chamber exposed to detection, scheduled on the specimen occurred from the specimen surface cracking or other properties of the degree of change, resistance to ozone in order to assess the rubber aging properties.


Technical specifications:

Model YOT-080 YOT-150 YOT-225 YOT-408 YOT-800 YOT-1000
Inner chamber size W*H*D(mm) 400*500*400 500*600*500 500*750*600 600*850*800 1000*1000*800 1000*1000*1000
Exterior chamber size W*H*D(mm) 900*900*1500 950*1500*1050 950*1650*1150 1050*1750*1350 1450*1900*1350 1450*1900*1550
Temperature Range RT to 90℃
Humidity Range 45%RH ~98%RH
Performance Temp.&Humi fluctuation ±0.2℃, ±0.5%RH
Temp.&Humi.uniformity ±1.5℃,±2.5% RH when RH is ≤ 75%,±4% RH when RH is > 75% (tested with the empty chamber, 30 minutes after stabilization)
Temp.&humi. Resolution 0.01℃,0.1%RH
Ozone concentration 0 to 1000 PPHM
Ozone control accuracy ±10%
Ozone generation Static emissions
Sample rotating speed 1 times per minute
Material Exterior chamber material Stainless steel plate+Powder Coated
Interior chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulation PU & Fiberglass wool
Ozone analyzer Imported ozone density analyzer
Ozone generator Silent discharge type ozone generator
System Wind Circulation Sirocco fan
Heating system SUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Humidifying Surface evaporating system
Cooling Imported compressor,finned type evaporator,air-cooling condenser
Dehumidifying ADP critical dewpoint cooling/dehumidifying method
Controller Digital electronic indicators+S.S.R.With PID automatic calculation capability
Other Components Vacuum glass inspection window,cable port(50mm),control status indicator lights, chamber lamp,loading shelves (2pcs for free)
Safety Devices Overheating circuit-breaker,compressor overload protection,control system overload protection, humidifying system overheating protection, breakdown indicator light
Power supply AC 1 phase 220V;   3 phase 380V 60/50Hz



Main features:

1. External chamber of Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber :Arc design,nice shape,surface electrostatic spray

2. Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber Inner chamber:SUS304 stainless steel plate

3. The door of a reasonable position to set up a transparent window (220*320mm),for the changes in observation indoor specimen (lighting inside), which has theadvantages of transparent ,heat insulati  on, explosion-proof and so on.

4. Circulation:Siroco fan ,to make the distribution of ozone uniformity.

                         Air duct of wind way is the same direction as the specimen growth                                                        

                         High tensile silicone seal used in between test door and body to ensure the test area closed 

5. Cooling system : Installed at the bottom, Tecumseh compressor original France.

6. High-quality fixed wheels in the bottom of the meter installation. The control part of the design of the equipment is

the right of the device, distribution control device, the control switch, easy to operate, simple, easy to maintain.     

7. Heating system: completely independent,nickel chromium alloy electric heating heater.

8. Heater control way :contact cycle pules width modulated,SSR(solid state relays)

9. Output power calculus by microcomputer to control a smooth,reliable.



Besides Accelerated corrosion and aging ozone simulation test chamber, our business range also covers: 
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